Swiss use humor to remind people to pay attention to emergency sirens
Catherine Newman


Swiss authorities have created an offbeat new advertising campaign to remind citizens to take notice of emergency sirens. 

In the video launched on YouTube, a sheep bleats into a microphone after being slapped in the face. This is then amplified and turned into an emergency siren which sounds out across town. 

The advert is intended to remind people what sirens are for and what to do if they hear one. 

Switzerland has around 5,000 fixed and 2,200 mobile sirens. Six hundred of these are designed with the purpose of issuing flood warnings.

The network was first created just before World War II when bomb attacks were a constant concern. The protocol is that if residents hear the siren they must listen to the radio, follow directions from authorities and inform their neighbors. 

Video editor: James Sandifer

Source(s): Reuters

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