NATO comments on China are 'slander' says embassy in UK
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was among those to criticize China at the NATO summit in Madrid. /Reuters

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was among those to criticize China at the NATO summit in Madrid. /Reuters

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London has insisted that criticism of Beijing at both the NATO and G7 summits amount to "malicious slander."

In its new strategic concept, NATO spoke of tackling "systemic challenges posed by the People's Republic of China to Euro-Atlantic security." It also said one of the alliance's priorities was the "deepening strategic partnership" between China and Russia.

In a written response, the Chinese Embassy spokesperson said China has been "firmly committed to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and a staunch defender of world peace and development and regional security and stability. This stands in sharp contrast with the U.S., a warmonger and wielder of illegal unilateral sanctions."


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"The G7 members have benefited the most from globalization. As such, they have a special responsibility to promote globalization, boost world economic growth and tackle global economic and financial challenges," the spokesperson continued. 

"However, at a critical juncture in the global pandemic response and economic recovery, the G7, rather than committing to solidarity and cooperation, is preoccupied with stoking division and confrontation and has shown absolutely no sense of responsibility or moral authority. 

"I must also point out that for a group which accounts for about one-tenth only of the world's population, the G7 has no authority to speak for the whole world, still less to present its own values and standards as universal values and standards."

Saying that the G7 "remains entrenched in its Cold War mentality and ideological bias" and "prefers group politics that serves the group's own interests," the spokesperson said:

"We urge the G7 to earnestly step up to its responsibility and due international obligations, uphold true multilateralism, and stop applying double or even multiple standards, stop causing confrontation and division, stop discrediting and slandering China, and stop all forms of meddling in China's domestic affairs."

Speaking at the Madrid Summit, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain and the West needed to be willing to "stand up" to Beijing where necessary.

"We have a huge economic relationship with China... but at the same time we've got to understand that there are areas in which we need to compete, contest and sometimes challenge what China is up to," Johnson said at a news conference.

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