Climate protests around the world ahead of the COP26 summit
Feng Beijing

As the COP26 climate summit approaches, world leaders aren't short of messages from around the world. Protests have been staged in cities such as Paris, London, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Tel Aviv.

Protesters in Paris condemned French banks for fossil fuel financing despite knowing the negative impact for the last 50 years. A rally in London had a similar message.

But not only protests were carried out: A German artist arrived in Glasgow after walking all the way from Germany in a 160 kg wire sphere.

Arnd Drossel hopes to connect everyone by his act:“We want to show the people when everyone gives a little promise to Mother Earth… then we have a chance to change the climate.”

The Pope had his own message for the leaders that they must give 'concrete hope' to future generations.

Marches against climate change also took place in Tel Aviv and Brussels ahead of the COP26  summit.

Similarly, youth in Frankfurt took part in a Fridays for Future protest.

Cover image: Yves Herman/Reuters

Source(s): Reuters

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