Croatian bar sells vaccine-inspired cocktails with a twist
Katherine Berjikian

Fancy a sip of the Pfizer? – That is a question that no one has probably ever asked until now.

A bar in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is serving drinks named after COVID-19 vaccines. So, customers can walk in and order a 'Astra Zenecca, Sputnjik 6, Monderna or Pfizerr.'



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But instead of the medical mixture, the cocktail inspired by the Pfizer vaccine is made up of American whiskey and German Jägermeister, while the one inspired by Moderna uses American Bourbon.

Tomislav Perko, the owner the bar selling the drinks, Roots, jokingly told AFP: "The cocktails are strong. We don't recommend more than two doses per person, although some violated our 'medical recommendations'. 

"Apart from difficult walking home or morning hangover there were no major side effects."

Video editor: James Sandifer. Video producer: Daniel Harries

Source(s): AFP

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