CGTN Europe's biggest stories of 2022
CGTN Europe's biggest stories of 2022

The war in Ukraine has dominated the international news agenda of 2022. Understandably, videos of the subjects – from incidents on the ground to the words of leaders on either side – have accounted for many of the most popular videos on CGTN Europe's social media channels. 

However, some brighter, more unexpected, stories also feature. Take a look through the list to understand some of the serious and lighter content that caught the eye of our audiences across the world this year.



1) Waiting for the Beijing Olympics

The pupils of Milburn Primary School in Northern Ireland sang in Chinese to express their excitement about the Winter Olympics in Beijing.


2) 'I just want to know'

CGTN Europe spoke to the families of Chinese sailors who, having risked their lives for Britain during the Second World War, were secretly expelled from the country as part of a government policy. The story has been investigated in a documentary that you can see at

3) How the UK deported thousands of Chinese sailors

The story of the policy to remove Chinese sailors from Liverpool, splitting them from their families without warning.

4) Why is Earth spinning faster?

Scientists have been formulating theories to explain a surprising phenomenon.

5) 'Vampire' skeleton discovered

Archeologists in Poland uncovered the remains of a woman buried with a sickle over her neck in an apparent attempt to prevent her rising from the dead. A padlock secured one of the skeleton's feet.



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1) Mother sloth reunited with her baby after forest fire


2) Missile strike hits Ukrainian apartment block

This video was filmed in February, two days after Russia began its attack on Ukraine.

3) Bridge Builders season 4

The Bridge Builders series explore individuals from fields including the arts, business, sport, academia, and philanthropy who have made outstanding contributions to making connections between China and the UK. 2022 marks 50 years since the two nations opened full diplomatic relations. You can see more from the series at our special Bridge Builders microsite.

4) Homes in Kyiv come under attack

This video from March shows the aftermath of a missile strike.

5) Snow leopard caught on camera

China is home to the world's biggest population of snow leopards which live in arid, barren mountains.

6) Shaun Gibson on China

British musician Shaun Gibson explains why he has incorporated Chinese influence into his work and made the country his home.

7) Zelenskyy visits hospital

The Ukrainian president spoke with injured soldiers.



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1) Missile hits apartment building

Footage of explosions in a Kyiv apartment block shortly after Russia attacked Ukraine.

2) Chinese opera student steps up

Liu Jianwei was watching an opera in Parma, Italy when the show ran into trouble: One of the parts was missing. Liu, a music student, stepped in to fill the gap.


3) Chechnyan soldiers wish Putin happy birthday

The Russian president's staunch ally Ramzan Kadyrov led troops in a parade to honor Vladimir Putin and express support for what Russia calls its 'special military operation' in Ukraine.

4) 'We survived'

Reporting from near the frontline in Ukraine, CGTN Europe was able to speak to residents about the devastation wrought upon the region.

5) Putin says EU policy is self interested

The Russian president responded to new EU measures aimed at hindering his country's war effort.

6) Actor John Barrowman recalls Berlin attack

The star was near the scene when a vehicle smashed into crowds and recorded his reaction in the moments afterwards.



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1) Michael Rosen on being a meme

CGTN Europe spoke to the British author whose global fame has increased since he documented how COVID-19 almost ended his life. 


2) What are CERN scientists trying to achieve?

Neil Cairns, head of science show RAZOR, explains the work of researchers in the Swiss facility which restarted operations this year. Check our RAZOR channel on YouTube for more cutting-edge science stories.

3) Tom Odell sings for Ukrainian refugees

The singer performed in the main railway station in Bucharest, Romania as families fleeing the war in Ukraine passed through.

4) Bullfighting returns to Madrid

After COVID-19 shut down stadiums, the return of matadors was greeted with delight by some but distaste by others.

5) Serbia's Chinese-backed high-speed rail network opens

The first trains running on the route that will ultimately link Belgrade and Budapest were documented by CGTN's Aljosa Milenkovic. 

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