New airstrikes on Gaza Strip target terrorists – but a child is among dead
Updated 17:19, 07-Aug-2022
Butchy Davy

Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 14 people, including a senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), in the Gaza Strip. 

At least one child was also killed according to Gazan authorities. 

On Friday, a blast was heard in Gaza City and smoke was seen rising from the seventh floor of a tall building.

Another house was destroyed by an airstrike hours later, but no one was hurt after Israeli defense authorities placed a warning call to the owner. 


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Ibrahim Shamalakh said "As you can see we were surprised that they called us to evacuate our house. I don't know, we are safe people, sitting in our house, we are not related to anything. They called and said evacuate your house immediately I don't know what happened to us. Suddenly it happened. I have no words."

Over 150 rockets were fired by Palestinian militants in retaliation for the strikes. Cities including Tel Aviv, and Ben Gurion airport were the target of the rocketfire. 

No casualties were reported, and TV stations appeared to show missiles being shot down by air defense systems. Israeli authorities said its 'Iron Dome' defence stopped most of the rockets. 

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry at least 84 people were wounded, including a senior Islamic Jihad commander.

Israel's 'Iron Dome' defenses in action./Reuters/Amir Cohen

Israel's 'Iron Dome' defenses in action./Reuters/Amir Cohen

In the occupied West Bank, tensions have been high since the arrest of a senior militant on Monday.

Earlier this week, Israel made preparations to retaliate by closing roads in Gaza and sending reinforcements to the border.

"Israeli forces are currently striking in Gaza. A special situation has been declared on the Israeli home front," the Israeli military said.

Tayseer al Jaabari was the official killed, according to PIJ and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

His picture was shared on social media, and he was "responsible for multiple terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians," according to the IDF.

The tense border had been largely quiet since May 2021, when 11 days of fierce fighting between Israel and militants left at least 250 in Gaza and 13 in Israel dead.

Source(s): Reuters

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