Ukrainians in Cyprus clean up the beach to show gratitude to locals
Catherine Newman


Members of a Ukrainian community in Cyprus have been taking part in a beach clean up along the Zappalo Bay. The spring cleaning event is a way to say thank you to locals for their hospitality towards Ukrainians fleeing their home country. 

The campaign is taking place in many other countries across Europe, including Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. 

Olena, one of the organizers of the clean up campaign, said: "We are here to express how grateful we are to Cypriots, to this beautiful island, for helping our friends, helping all the people that were forced to leave Ukraine because of the war and during all these times."

Xenia, the vice-chair of the Ukraine-Cyprus Friendship Community, said: "We have a Thank You day for Cyprus, because our people are very grateful to Cyprus, to how it helps Ukrainian refugees. 

"They have opportunities to have jobs, they get a living and financial help. We thank Cyprus for hosting thousands of people." 

Video editor: Terry Wilson

Source(s): AFP

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