Taste the difference? 3D-printed vegan steaks hit top restaurants
Thomas Wintle


It looks like the real thing. It smells like the real thing. According to those who have tried it, it even feels like the real thing... but this steak has been 3-D printed. 

Israeli start-up Redefine Meat is taking plant-based meat substitutes to new heights with its authentic "flank steak" - which, despite its meaty texture, is entirely vegan. 

Amid growing climate consciousness, Europe's booming market for vegan products has meant many companies such as Redefine Meat have been able to expand their business. Their 3D-printed beef substitute has now been rolled out in Israel, as well as Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.



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Adam Lahav, company co-founder and chief business officer, said: "This is the holy grail of alternative meat. This is the first time that a company can launch whole cut meat alternative into the market that behaves exactly like meat."

For top chefs like Marco Pierre White, who has linked up with the company, there's a bright future for such products: "It's genius. It's the cleverest thing I've ever seen in 45 years of being a cook." 

And with the United Nations estimating the meat and dairy industry accounts for roughly 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, here's hoping fake steaks start to catch on.


Video editor: Pedro Duarte

Source(s): Reuters

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