Gazprom is pumping reserve gas to Europe: Russian minister denies restrictions
Patrick Rhys Atack
Russia Gazprom is one of the world's largest gas distributors. /Benoit Tessier/ Reuters

Russia Gazprom is one of the world's largest gas distributors. /Benoit Tessier/ Reuters

Gazprom has started pumping extra gas reserves in Europe, it has revealed, after accusations over its role in the recent explosion in gas prices. 

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the BBC's Hard Talk  program that Gazprom's aim is to work "collaboratively" with Europe and rejected the suggestion Russian energy suppliers were holding back capacity to pressure the European Union into accepting the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline.



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"We favor energy security of Europe; we want to work collaboratively ... Gazprom has in fact started pumping out from its reserves into the pipelines to stabilize the market," he said. 

Gas sector analysis showed Gazprom pumped reserves from its storage facility at Haidach, Austria on October 7. 

"We work deliberately, quietly, soberly towards stabilization. It's not in our interest to rock the boat further," Ryabkov said, explaining why no earlier announcement was made.

The interview came after members of the European Parliament accused Russia and Gazprom of manipulating the market to "pressure" European lawmakers to certify and launch the Nord Stream 2 line. 

While Gazprom is not nationalized, the Russian Federation owns a controlling stake of more than 50 percent in the firm. 

The European Commission has been approached for comment.

Source(s): Reuters

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