Two horses, a dog and a 'wild woman' on a road trip across Europe
Patrick Atack

A Swiss horse-trainer has spent the past 8 months walking through Europe with her adopted horses and pet dog Aku in tow. 

Manisha Berger, 27, from Lausanne said she's loved traveling since childhood - but no longer wants to take planes, or even cars, to cut down her carbon emissions and help the environment. 

"First the horses - it's my life, it's my job, it's my passion from when I was a kid so I just wanted to travel with the horses because it's all my life. And also because I traveled all my life with my parents, I'm pretty lucky, and I like to travel. But I don't want to take the plane anymore and the car, for pollution, for ecology," she explained.


Berger traveled through Switzerland to northern Italy, then through Slovenia and Croatia. She walked down the Dalmatian coast, then across to Serbia where she's now waiting for a visa to continue her journey home. 

She said the trip gave her clarity and her horses helped her meet people along the way. 

"I'm really more clear in my mind now after eight months. And also horses [help with] meeting people... Because people are curious, and also because I'm a bit shy," she said.  

But she said there's a limit to how many people she wants to meet, as she also enjoys her own company.

"I'm a wild woman, I think. Sometimes I just hide in the forest because... people are so nice but so curious."

Manisha and her animals on the road in Sid, Serbia / AFP / Katarina Petrovic

Manisha and her animals on the road in Sid, Serbia / AFP / Katarina Petrovic

Video by Katherine Berjikian and Natalia Luz. 

Source(s): AFP

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