Where to invest? The Agenda in full
The Agenda


With global interest rates at record lows, and pandemic volatility everywhere you look, The Agenda with Stephen Cole looks at the safer and more risky options for investors. 

The episode examines just what the long term impact of coronavirus is likely to be on investments and tries to discover whether there's any such thing as a truly safe haven any more.

First he speaks to Moira O'Neill, head of personal finance at Interactive Investor, who explains why ethical investment is a trend that's here to stay, and which sectors we should be watching for a decent return in a post-pandemic world.

Arturo Bris, professor of finance at Geneva's International Institute of Management Development discusses GameStop, Reddit and Robin Hood – and whether this year's David and Goliath battle between the little people and the hedge funds is likely to change the face of investment as we know it.

Of course bricks and mortar has always been something of a safe haven investment but is that still the case in 2021? Uma Rajah, CEO and co-founder of property investment firm CapitalRise, gives an insider's view.

And finally, what about the perhaps more alternative investment opportunities out there? Dominic Brennan, Director of Noble Rot Fine Wine explains why a good Bordeaux or a fine Burgundy are much more than just a tasty tipple.


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