The Agenda Year in Review - Part 1: COVID-19
Updated 22:08, 26-Dec-2020
The Agenda

In this first of two specials, The Agenda's Stephen Cole looks back on the year 2020 and how the pandemic changed the world and shaped life as we now know it.

Italy was the first European country to face the full force of COVID-19 so we re-visit the situation with Salvatore Maggiore, Head of Chieti Hospital's intensive care unit who explains how its healthcare workers were first pushed to their limits in March.

The sports industry was thrown into chaos this year. The pandemic put gold on hold for the Olympics and pulled down the shutters of stadiums, postponing – and in some cases cancelling – events around the world. Stephen Cole spoke to Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics to find out how locked-down athletes can retain peak performance.

The Agenda also spoke to Liu Xiaoming, China's Ambassador to the UK about China's post-pandemic economic recovery, as well as looking at how aviation, retail, the arts industry and more are adjusting to a COVID-19 climate.

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