Is this the time to strengthen China-EU relations?
The Agenda


This year marks both the 45th anniversary of China and EU relations and a global pandemic that has changed the way that both parties work together.

And with the U.S. opting out of global treaties, EU and China have a unique opportunity to come together to formulate a brand-new approach to the challenges facing the world.

Both the EU and China are working together to address growing concerns about climate change, and to support international organisations such as the World Trade Organization, the UN Security Council, and the World Health Organization. 

But there are also challenges that both parties have to address to further their evolving relationship.

One such hurdle is the China-EU bilateral treaty, which both the EU and China have said that they would like to sign by the end of this year, despite seven years of negotiations, more than 30 meetings and talks still ongoing.

At the same time, Chinese investment in the European Union dropped by 40 percent in 2019 to a five-year low.

So what will China and EU relations look like moving forward? 

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