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The global alcoholic drinks industry has an estimated value of more than $1.4bn and is growing 2 percent every year. 

This week, The Agenda with Stephen Cole is raising a glass to its success by looking at the latest trends with a cocktail of guests. He also considers how drinking habits may have changed since the coronavirus pandemic. 

Olly Wehring, Drinks Editor from Global Data, tells Stephen Cole about what people have been consuming since lockdown began, including the most surprising success stories. 

Joining Stephen to say 'chin chin' to gin are newbie distillers Justin and Anna Matterson who share their new venture in the heart of southern France and why they feel passionate about reflecting the local area in their product. 

Will the wine industry continue to age well? Janet Z Wang, author of 'The Chinese Wine Renaissance' explains why the world should be looking East for 'The next big thing'.