RAZOR: The flying cars that could take over our skies

Electrification is beginning to transform the way we get around cities – both in the air and on the ground. 

All over the world, the race for the sky is on. More than 300 companies are now developing flying cars, or more specifically, electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft that are also known as eVTOLs. 

RAZOR's Emma Keeling visits Munich, Germany to meet Sebastian Mores, the CTO of Volocopter, to hear about plans to launch a flying taxi service in Paris for the Summer Olympics in 2024. 


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Meanwhile Airspeeder, an Australian company, is starting a flying car race series with the first manned races planned for 2024. 

Airspeeder sees racing as an environment where technology can be pushed – as in the case of Formula 1 – allowing that technology to reach the private market more quickly.

RAZOR: The flying cars that could take over our skies

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