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April 20 is UN Chinese Language Day /CMG
April 20 is UN Chinese Language Day /CMG

April 20 is UN Chinese Language Day /CMG

The 3rd Chinese Language Video Festival was launched on March 1st ahead of the 2023 United Nations Chinese Language Day. The event is co-hosted by China Media Group (CMG); the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland; and the United Nations Office at Geneva. This year's event coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. The event hopes to promote cultural exchange and understanding between China and the rest of the world.

A total of 18 awards for the best video entries will be given out in 9 categories for this year's event. Those will include "Best Short Video", "Most liked Video" and "Special Award for Youth Culture Envoys". The deadline for entries is March 25th. Award winners have a chance to receive scholarships from China's leading universities, bringing about an opportunity to open a new chapter in establishing a special relationship with the country. Winners will also be eligible to participate in a program entitled "Experience China, Understand China", joining other young elites from all over the world. The award-winning videos will be considered for inclusion in a CMG produced special TV show celebrating the UN Chinese Language Day.

After the previous two successful Chinese Language Video Festivals, this year's event aims to continue tapping into the underlying values of Chinese culture, their impact on today's world and how they can further inspire young people to gain a better understanding of China. It will also promote enhanced interactions between cultures. More than 1,000 entries from 50 countries were submitted in the previous two events, sharing the global story of a dynamic China from different perspectives. Sixteen young cultural envoys have been identified to promote Chinese culture and mutual understanding between Chinese and other cultures.

So why wait? You might be the next winner! Submit your video now!


Email to for the registration form. 

In the subject area, candidates should use the following format: video name + first author name + registration time( DD/MM/YYYY), for example: Road+ Mike + 22032023. Do not attach video files directly to emails.


download the action plan from with the link below and then send it to the email address:

Just fill in the application form and submit your original video to to compete for the best video and chance to win an award. Don't forget! The deadline is 4pm Beijing time on 25th March 2023. Be there! And welcome!


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