Zero Waste Challenge: Clothes shopping in China
Elizabeth Mearns

In this section of CGTN's #ZeroWasteChallenge, we asked our four volunteers from four continents to tell us about their local culture around clothing – which is, perhaps surprisingly, one of the biggest producers of global waste. 




As a traveling correspondent, our Chinese #ZeroWasteChallenge participant Yang Xinmeng lives out of a suitcase. As she files her report for this section of the challenge while on location, she admits "I have only three clothes here – but I filmed a bit of my wardrobe in Beijing before I left."

Spending her professional career in front of a camera means that Xinmeng does have to look good. "I have quite a few clothes, but I almost never throw my clothes or shoes away – I wear them for many, many years," she says.

"That's very different from the disposable fashion that I have heard about in other countries where people buy different clothes every season."

While she keeps some clothes for a long time – she mentions a coat she's had for three years, and another for six – she has a clever way of occasionally refreshing her wardrobe: "Sometimes me and my cousin or my best friend swap clothes."

When it finally becomes time to reject clothes, she knows of another eco-friendly solution: "There are apps where you can sell second-hand clothes and recycle old clothes." And that's not the only online network cutting down on clothing waste in China.

"There are online shared wardrobes where you can rent daily clothes," she explains. "Some people want new clothes every day, and if they're not going to wear them for a long time, then this could be a solution."


This story is part of CGTN's #ZeroWasteChallenge as four people on four continents reveal how sustainable their country's culture is.

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