Mission to Venus and 'free the bees': Full RAZOR Episode


RAZOR takes a look at the next big target in the global space race: Venus. It's our closest neighbor and the brightest body in the night sky after the moon. It follows a similar orbit to Earth and is often referred to as earth's twin or sister. 

Both are similar in size, mass, density, and volume. But, that's where the similarities end. RAZOR finds out more from Richard Ghail who is leading the European Space Agency's Envision mission, fulfilling a lifetime curiosity.

Jo Colan also meets the team at Buglife, a UK-wide organization dedicated to the conservation of bees, pollinators and all other invertebrates. Of the UK's 270 bee species, 126 are now listed as scarce, with 17 at risk of extinction. 

Much of this is being attributed to the loss of habitat. But the new B-lines nationwide initiative brings together a myriad of conservation and volunteering groups to create an interconnected system of wildflower insect pathways across the UK. 


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