Hydrogen: Fuel of the future? - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

Tackling climate change has become a top priority for world leaders with many setting ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions. Green hydrogen is being widely seen as a clean energy source which can help the world achieve carbon neutrality.

This week on The Agenda Stephen Cole discovers more about the different types of hydrogen, and asks why green hydrogen (as opposed to gray or blue) is regarded as the cleanest version and how likely it is to become a widely used fuel of the future.   

Stephen speaks to Professor Michael Bradshaw from Warwick Business School who explains the differences between the different colors of hydrogen and which type is most likely to win the clean energy race. 

Green energy developer and chairman of the MENA Hydrogen Alliance Frank Wouters also joins Stephen to discuss his vision for a hydrogen future and how the Middle East and North Africa region is ideally placed to develop, produce and export green hydrogen.

And finally Stephen speaks to global energy analyst Kate Dourian about exactly what needs to be done to make hydrogen a viable clean energy source, and why some remain sceptical about its chances of success.

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