Studying overseas - The Agenda with Stephen Cole
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As Universities in the UK start their winter term, there will be a somewhat different look to many campuses across the country. For the first time, Chinese students will outnumber those from European Union countries – with a record 13,630 enrolled for classes.

This week on The Agenda, Stephen Cole examines just why that is and what overseas students can expect from life on campus as the student world gets to grips with studying in the midst of a global pandemic.


Stephen speaks to Vivienne Stern, Director of UK Universities International, about why British academic institutions appear to be so popular with overseas students and exactly how they are balancing the need to keep students healthy with the desire for more face-to-face teaching.

Wang Yan, senior specialist and associate research fellow at Beijing Foreign Studies University, joins Stephen to give her perspective on why Chinese students, in particular, want to come to the UK and considers the benefits of student exchanges in the opposite direction.

And finally, Stephen speaks to Deng Hanzu from Chongqing in Southwest China, who's just arrived in London to take a Masters in Design at Goldsmiths, University of London to find out first hand why she came and what her expectations are for student life in London.

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