Transforming financial services: The Agenda with Stephen Cole


Financial technology is already an integral part of our lives. At its simplest, it covers everything from the use of a credit or debit card to getting money from an ATM.

But what's really driving the FinTech sector now – and where might it be heading in the future? Janine Hirt, CEO of Innovate Finance, the UK's FinTech industry body joins us to explain.


Janine Hirt is the CEO of Innovate Finance, the industry body for the UK FinTech sector. She  joined the founding IF leadership team in 2015 first as head of membership then ecosystem director.

She moved into the COO role in 2017 before stepping up to lead the organization in 2021.

Formerly Janine held senior positions at Chatham House, (the Royal Institution of International Affairs) and the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce.


"Fintech is ultimately looking at innovations to transform financial services and make it more inclusive, make it more democratic, make it more effective," says Hirt. "To make financial services work better for people, for the customers, but also make banks more efficient and more effective."

And COVID-19 has had a real impact on the sector. Hirt tells Stephen Cole: "COVID has had quite a significant impact on fintech because there's been a renewed understanding of how important technology is to all areas of our lives."

And that, too, has highlighted the key benefit of many Fintech applications – access for the consumer wherever and whenever they may need them. "Ultimately, these technologies create the opportunity for more individuals to have access to these financial products at the right time in their lives."



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