Interactive art in a fridge: UK university's edible degree show
James Sandifer
Europe;United Kingdom


Last year, graduating students at Liverpool John Moores University's BA Fine Art program hosted their virtual degree show in an unusual location: Mars.

This year, the exhibition is returning to Earth but will be no less unusual – the students' artwork will be displayed in virtual fridges, housed in a warehouse gallery.

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It has been promoted as the "Edible Degree Show" and is meant to reflect both the first place that most people exhibit their artwork (a fridge door) and a year spent indoors. 

That is because "fridges have become a strange and unacknowledged focal point for our enforced domestic stasis," according to Rory Macbeth, the program's course leader.

"We obsess about keeping it stocked, worry about it being empty. We constantly go to it for comfort. It has become a kind of totem over lockdown."

You can find out more information about the exhibit on the faculty's website. 

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