Enter the United Nations Chinese Language Video Festival competition
Updated 22:33, 18-Mar-2021
Alec Fenn

The first ever Chinese Language Video Festival has been launched to celebrate this year's United Nations Chinese Language Day.

The festival gives foreigners from across the world the opportunity to enter a competition by submitting a video that celebrates Chinese culture.

Entrants are invited to submit original videos that showcase Chinese calligraphy, Chinese poetry, as well as Chinese culinary culture by recalling their own stories or narrating memories related to spring time. 



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The competition winner will be announced on Chinese Language Day, Tuesday April 20, during a virtual event that takes place at 2 p.m. GMT/3 p.m. CET. 

The one-hour special program will feature Chinese influencers and international celebrities from around the world. The show will be broadcast across United Nations and CMG social media platforms. 

Competition winners will receive certificates issued by the United Nations and CMG Europe, while five winners will also get the chance to visit the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The program will also offer successful candidates scholarships from one of the top Chinese universities and the opportunity to take part in its summer school project, as well as a four-week placement at CMG Europe. 

The United Nations Chinese Language Day was carefully selected to coincide with Guyu (Grain Rain), the sixth of the 24 Chinese solar terms. 

On this day, people pay tribute to Cangjie, an important figure in ancient China who claimed to be the inventor of Chinese characters.   

To enter the competition, submit your video to You can also follow the Chinese Language Video Festival social media channels:

Twitter: @LanguageVideo

Facebook: Chinese Language Video Festival

YouTube:Chinese Language Festival   

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