Skiing restarts in Catalonia, with Europe split on reopening slopes
Edna Mohamed


Skiers have hit the slopes in Baqueira-Beret, Catalonia, after the regional government eased COVID-19 restrictions that had previously prevented people from leaving their municipality.

On Monday, May Peus Espana, President of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation, said: "The important thing is to say that from today you can ski in Spain. Spanish snow sports are embarking on what is doubtless going to be an excellent season."



In recent months, skiing has become a contentious issue in Europe as countries including France, Germany and Italy closed their resorts to avoid creating infection hotspots.

Alongside Spain, Switzerland and Austria have recently announced that ski resorts will be open in time for the winter season.

But as the Swiss Alps reopens for business, neighboring countries are imposing measures to control potential infections.

France, which is hoping to reopen its slopes for the height of the skiing season in February, has set up random border checks for those who choose to go to either the Alps or Baqueira-Beret, which is six miles away from the French border. 

Source(s): Reuters

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