PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: The basics you need to know


"It's huge!" that's how Serkan Toto, CEO of consultancy Kantan Games, explains the significance of the new few days for gamers.

Sony has just launched its new console, the PlayStation 5 and on Tuesday Microsoft's Xbox Series X went on sale. Tens of millions of people are expected to buy one or the other during their seven- or eight-year life cycle.

In addition to new graphics and audio capability, the Playstation 5 comes with an innovative controller that can match events on screen in the real world by, for example, blocking a button if a weapon jams.

Microsoft, which lagged its rival in the battle over the previous generation of devices, is banking on a powerful subscription games offering and also a cut-price version of its console.

The pandemic has proved a boon for video games and both technology giants will be hoping to wow existing users and win new fans with their offerings.