The Plastic Solution: The Agenda with Stephen Cole

The latest predictions suggest that without a complete step change in our relationship with plastics, by 2050 there will be more of it in our oceans than there are fish. In this week's episode of The Agenda with Stephen Cole, we aim to find out just how we might be able to head off that environmental catastrophe.

Stephen speaks to Dr Costas Velis from Leeds University – the lead investigator into a major new report into plastic waste – Breaking the Plastic Wave.

He also finds out from Michael Laurier, the CEO of Symphony Environmental Technologies why science may already have the answer to fully biodegradable plastic.

David Katz, the CEO of The Plastic Bank explains to Stephen why a new approach to making recycling pay, especially in the developing world, is key to keeping plastic out of our oceans.

And Emily Pann, Co-founder of anti-microplastics group eXXpedition and the website SHIFT, talks about how we can all get involved in saving the planet from plastic waste.