RAZOR: Are e-scooters the future of post-COVID-19 transport?
Shini Somara in London

As Europe emerges from COVID-19 lockdown and begins the return to work, most forms of public transport make adhering to social distancing almost impossible and could contribute to subsequent spikes of coronavirus cases.

In London, a $310 million emergency active travel fund has been announced to build pop-up cycle lanes, wider sidewalks, safer junctions and trial e-scooters.

Currently illegal on UK roads, these e-scooters will go under a series of safety tests on design, maximum speed and power limits. With car using falling dramatically during the pandemic, various cities across the UK will then trial rental e-scooters.

RAZOR's Shini Somara speaks to John Irving, CEO of e-scooter manufacturer AER Electric, about bringing this socially distanced and green alternative to the daily commute to the UK's streets after successful schemes in Europe.


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