Exclusive interview with Liu Xiaoming: The Agenda in full
Updated 21:57, 03-Jun-2020
The Agenda

On The Agenda this week, Stephen Cole is joined by China's Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming to discuss China's position on the world stage in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, shortly after the Two Sessions drew to a close.

In a wide ranging interview, he talks trade, reaction to the new security law for Hong Kong and why it is not yet the time for an investigation into the COVID-19 outbreak.  

The Ambassador also shares his thoughts about the global economy and why he believes China will continue to be "the powerhouse and factory of the world", as well as giving us his take on global diplomatic relations post-virus.  

When asked how he feels about other countries blaming China for the pandemic Ambassador Liu told CGTN's Stephen Cole it is "totally wrong to accuse China," saying his country is the "victim" and "not the culprit, nor the producer" of the virus, and it's vital that China and the UK come together as "partners in the global fight against COVID-19."


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