Chinese medics recognized in Serbia for their help fighting COVID-19
Daniel Harries

Chinese medics were honored in Serbia for their work helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the eastern European country. 

China sent both medical workers and aid to Serbia as cases rose in the country. Six experienced Chinese medics, along with a batch of medical equipment including ventilators, arrived on 21 March – five days after Serbia declared a state of emergency over the pandemic. 

The medics, including experts in infectious disease, helped coordinate a national coronavirus policy, travelling to the country's worst hit regions and using their experience of the virus in China to advise their Serbian counterparts.

One of those honored was infectious disease specialist Lin Bingliang. In reference to the collaboration with their Serbian colleagues, Lin said: "The change is enormous. At the beginning of the epidemic the control was not adequate, but with joint efforts change for the better is visible." 

Two months after the Chinese team's arrival, the state of emergency imposed in the country has been lifted and life is slowly returning to normal. 

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