Bavarian drive-through 'Dult' festival lifts German spirits
Aden-Jay Wood

May is usually a time for many to celebrate in the German region of Bavaria as the annual 'Dult' festival gets into full swing. 

Usually, beer tents and streets are packed full of people, but this year, COVID-19 has put a halt to all large gatherings for the foreseeable future. 

But the virus hasn't stopped one pub-owner from creating his very own drive-through 'Dult' experience for people to enjoy during these unprecedented times.

Patrick Schmidt, whose pub has been forced to close during the pandemic, has condensed the whole festival experience, including local music, into a smaller version of the normal event. And it's been a roaring success.

Schmidt said: "It actually wasn't that easy to do. We actually didn't reckon with this rush when we started. The first weekend it felt like I sent the family out three times a day to get more cheese, we bought out wholesale supermarket sections. In Munich and Landshut, we emptied out the supermarkets.”

The folk festival includes locals feasting on local delicacies such as roast pork and dumplings, stockfish and pretzels whilst beer and gingerbread are also readily available.

local delicacies on offer include gingerbread hearts (above) as well as roast pork and dumplings and stockfish. /Reuters

local delicacies on offer include gingerbread hearts (above) as well as roast pork and dumplings and stockfish. /Reuters

Local businesses in Bavaria, like across Europe have suffered from the effects of COVID-19, and with pubs usually jam-packed with festival-goers, even this drive-through idea will not cover Schmidt's usual earnings. 

"We can't really compensate the losses, it's of course no comparison to a real beer tent. In the beer tent we have more than 4000 seats and a beer garden and there are just way more guests. The prices are of course cheaper here but it feels good and gets us through these times - and lets us have a better time than if we hadn't done it." He added.

The event, which will continue until Sunday, has been welcomed positively by locals. "Of course it's not the 'Dult' it's a completely different thing but it's a nice idea and puts a smile on your face and that is the main thing at the moment," said one visitor.

"It does give me a certain feel, with the music and the look of it and of course the food, which is a good memory of the 'Dult' and being in the beer tent. It's a great atmosphere, and it does give a bit of a 'Dult' feeling," said another.

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Source(s): Reuters