Best of The Agenda 2019, Part Two
The Agenda

In this special edition of the Agenda, we will be looking back at some more of the highlights of our shows in 2019. And we tackled some of the biggest issues out there – debt, data and drugs.

The global opioid epidemic has been described as the biggest public health crisis the world now faces.  Nicki Hari is a recovering opioid addict who now consults UK addiction treatment centres. She told us how she became hooked on prescription pills.

From drugs to another global social epidemic - debt - an issue facing both the individual and the state. Global Sovereign Debt advisor Lee Buchheit and author of the book 'Should We Abolish Household Debts?' Johnna Montgomerie, lent us their expertise.

Described by many as "the new oil" – data is now one of the most valuable commodities on the planet.  We spoke to cyber-security expert Ken Munro, who helps businesses protect themselves against hackers and data thieves who revealed to us just how much of our personal information is easily available online.

And on UK election, we examined whether there's any such thing as a truly democratic electoral system with Professor Albert Weale from University College London, and we spoke to Tom de Grunwald about the latest fad in tactical voting – vote-swapping.