Is space the final frontier? The Agenda in full
The Agenda

Everyone knows Space is the final frontier, but who can afford to go there? As America, China and Europe look to kick-start a new space race - who will be the winners and losers? Where is the real money to be made? And what does it all mean for mankind's innate desire to explore the unknown? We'll be talking to one of the world's first commercial astronauts - gaming billionaire Richard Garriott. 


He spent tens of millions of pounds to spend time on board the International Space Station in 2008. We'll also hear from Bernhard Hufenbach, the Head of the ESA's Strategy and Innovation team on why the European Space Agency is targeting the moon for its next mission. We'll talk international co-operation in space with the head of the UK's National Space Academy, Professor Anu Ojha and Dr. Christoph Beischl, Research Fellow at the London Institute of Space Policy and Law and also joining the discussion are Space journalist Sarah Cruddas and Mitch Hunter-Scullion, the CEO and founder of Asteroid Mining Corp.