Danish PM has laughing fit over story about an elephant and a camel
Updated 21:24, 05-Oct-2019
Katherine Berjikian

The Danish Prime Minister had a laughing fit while speaking on the floor of the Folketinget, the Danish Parliament. 

The laughing fit took place around midnight during an opening debate that lasted 15 hours, from 10 am on 5 October to the following morning. 

Recently elected PM Mette Frederiksen was telling a story about four circus elephants and a camel the state had acquired in September when she started laughing. 

The four elephants were the last circus elephants in the country, and Denmark had bought them so they could retire.

The camel was also bought by Denmark because it was the 'best friend' of one of the retired elephants.

The hall quickly burst into laughter after the PM started talking about the camel. 

Two Danish MPs laughing (Credit: Folketnget's website)

Two Danish MPs laughing (Credit: Folketnget's website)