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New quality productive forces - what it means in real life


 , Updated 23:15, 20-Apr-2024
New quality productive forces - what it means in real life

"New quality productive forces" is a major concept put forward by Chinese authority. The concept refers to innovation-led, reform-driven advanced productive forces that will boost total factor productivity and promote high-quality development.

In this special series, CGTN Europe takes an in depth look into different sectors and companies to see what they are doing to turn this idea into a reality.


Episode one: Shipbuilding

China leads the world in shipbuilding, in share of output, new orders and orders in hand – taking 60 percent of global orders.

For the first time, China's international market share has hit 50 percent.  

Its shipbuilding sector is now taking up a new challenge, working on a 'driverless' ship - using advances in sensors and green technology in its development.


Episode Two: Humanoids

Chinese scientists are developing increasingly advanced humanoid robots capable of mimicking complex human behaviors.

Developed by a team in Zhejiang, led by Wang Xingxing, the robot's 'brain' helps it maintain balance while walking, through assessing obstacles in its way.

An AI-powered interface called 'Humanoid Robot Factory' is a system used to complete hardware design and algorithm selection with less input from human engineers.


Tony Tong, from the Leeds Business School at the University of Colorado Boulder says bringing up a new generation with the ambition and the skills to build robots and the computers that power them will be crucial to the success of China's economic transformation.


Episode Three: Bespoke production

The GAC Aion factory in China's Greater Bay Area is special. It's the only so-called 'lighthouse factory' in the world. What that means is that its production is fully digitized to the extent that a single production line can automatically tailor cars according to customer preferences.

The high-tech approach has cut costs by 60 percent as well as being able to deliver faster and more flexibly.


Episode Four: Space rockets

As commercial spaceflight rapidly develops, a new launchpad is being built at Hainan International Commercial Spacecraft Launch Center. Incorporating a variety of rocket types has made building the new launch pad more challenging but construction is well underway.

The installation of on-site equipment is expected to be completed by the end of May.  When it's finished it will help to meet the increasing demand from the global space industry.

New quality productive forces - what it means in real life

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