WEF insists it will seek solutions at Davos 2024, not just diagnosis



Organizers of this week's World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos want the gathering to provide solutions to the world's biggest problems and help WEF shake off criticism that it's a 'futile talking shop.'

That's the message from WEF's Forum's Event Editorial head Sheikh Tanjeb Islam, who told CGTN the organization had seen "unprecedented interest from the global South" in the five-day event. Islam also welcomed this year's appearance of Chinese Premier Li Qiang, marking Beijing's first visit to WEF since 2017.

The WEF in Davos has the theme of ‘Rebuilding Trust’. /CGTN
The WEF in Davos has the theme of ‘Rebuilding Trust’. /CGTN

The WEF in Davos has the theme of ‘Rebuilding Trust’. /CGTN

Referring to WEF's 2024 theme of 'Rebuilding Trust', Islam said: "Over the past two years, there has been a constant erosion of trust, not just between governments. It has happened between government to business, and business-to-business."

He added: "The annual meeting will focus a lot on solutions to really get the leaders, both from the public and the private sector, to come together. For far too long people have focused a lot on the diagnosis of the problems and that's something which we want to change."

Islam said he hoped the forum would help bring countries together. He said: "Forty percent of the business participation is coming from the Global South. In the plenary hall we will have a conversation to address the north-south schism."

He welcomed the appearance of Chinese Premier Li, declaring: "We are excited to have the premier here with us. I think 2017 was the last year when we had President XI Jinping."

He added: "China being the second largest economy has a massive role to play when it comes to not only rejuvenating economic growth for the world, but also particularly for the region that it's in. We know that Asia will be the next growth hotspot and we are really hoping to hear a deeper insight into the domestic agenda that the Premier has."

Taking place between January 15-19, Davos 2024 revolves around four themes: achieving security and cooperation, creating jobs and growth for a new era, AI as a driving force for the economy and society, and a long-term strategy for climate, nature and energy.

Islam said it is vital that the forum's policy agenda is understood not just by delegates but by the global population. "As an international organization for public-private cooperation, we have an obligation to the wider world to actually make leaders really spell that out."

He insisted, despite an impending sense among the global populace of apparently endless chaos and conflict, there were reasons for optimism. He explained: "There are elements where things have been good and where there has been even more progress made. We really hope that trade, which acts as a driver of economic growth, is restored to the point where it can continue to play a role to provide that momentum."

Interview by Juliet Mann, host of CGTN's 'The Agenda'

WEF insists it will seek solutions at Davos 2024, not just diagnosis

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