Chinese embassy says UK report is full of Cold-War mentality

The Chinese Embassy to the UK refutes the China-related contents in a report released by the UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, saying it is "full of ideological prejudice and Cold War mentality."

In the report titled "Tilting horizons: the Integrated Review and the Indo-Pacific", the committee claims that China poses a threat to British interests, saying that the country is engaged in "transnational repression" while at the same time clamoring for "de-risking" its ties with China.

The report also refers to Taiwan as "an independent country" for the first time in an official document.

"The China-related contents... maliciously distorts China's domestic and foreign policies, and grossly interferes in China's internal affairs," a spokesperson of the Chinese embassy said.

The spokesperson said China's development has brought more opportunities for the common development of all countries, and is a representation of the growing forces for world peace, not a threat to any country.

He refuted the so-called "transnational repression" as pure fabrication, adding it is "nothing but political manipulation by ill-intentioned Western politicians trying to discredit China."

"The clamor for 'de-risking' against China is based on a false narrative which essentially aims at 'decoupling' and 'severing industrial and value chains'," he continued.

The spokesperson reiterated the country's one-China principle, emphasizing that it is a universal consensus of the international community and a basic norm in international relations, as well as the political foundation and prerequisite for the establishment and development of diplomatic relations between China and the UK.

"It is outrageous that the above-mentioned report refers to Taiwan as an 'independent country'," he said, accusing the politicians behind this of "appalling ignorance and arrogance."

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