China and Denmark collaborate on green fuel initiative

China and Denmark have been collaborating for years on energy efficiency and green technology. The two countries are committed to helping each other, and signed a new agreement earlier this year to boost their joint efforts. 

They have been working on several projects, including one on alternative fuel. It is now looking at methanol, a less costly and easier-to-transport fuel source.


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‌"In Denmark we believe that methanol is the green oil," Anders Korsgaard, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue World Technologies, told CGTN. "We produce a lot of electricity that we don't need ourselves. So, in order to distribute that, what you can do is to put cables across Europe or you can also convert it into fuels.

"Sometimes we use up to 50, 60 or even 100 percent energy from renewables, so we need to convert that electricity to fuels," Korsgaard added.‌

And this process has grabbed China's attention.


Alternative renewable

The technology could be used to create an alternative renewable, more sustainable fuel to gasoline for vehicles, replacing diesel generators and combustion engines.

This is what Blue World Technologies works on in the northern port city of Aalborg. In collaboration with the Chinese auto manufacturer Geely, they are testing an alternative fuel for sedans and trucks.

‌From methanol to solar and wind, both Denmark and China are heavily invested in renewables. They have been cooperating on renewable energy for several years. And have identified that green transition is the key to further strengthening the ties that the two countries have shared for over 70 years. 


On China's radar

The initiative will not only benefit the two nations but also the wider region.

"‌As a Dane, I am delighted that we are on China's radar considering our small size. And this collaboration on green tech and environmental issues with China will be beneficial for all of Europe - Sweden, Norway, Germany etc," said Timothy Jacob Jensen, Professor, Fudan University Shanghai and CEO Chief Designer, Designers Trust.

‌The two countries have been leading the renewables race - China with its vast quantities of wind generation capacity and Denmark with its green technologies.

‌The combination could create a stronger, more efficient and sustainable future.

China and Denmark collaborate on green fuel initiative

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