China warns of 'counter-measures' over UK parliament Taipei visit

China has condemned a visit by members of the UK parliament to the island of Taiwan.

A spokesman for the country's embassy in London said the trip represented interference in China's domestic affairs.

"China urges the UK to abide by the international norms, cease all activities that run against the One China principle and interfere with China's internal affairs," the spokesman said in a statement.

The One China principle that has underpinned relations between the UK and Beijing since 1949 states that Taiwan and the Chinese mainland are one and the same nation. 

The parliamentary delegation is led by Bob Stewart who belongs to the ruling British Conservative party, though is not a member of the government.

Beijing has already sanctioned some members of the UK parliament on the grounds that they were spreading disinformation about its policies. Today's embassy statement warned that it would take strong counter-measures in response to anything that harms China's interests.  

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