Rescue workers save dog trapped under the rubble in Türkiye

Rescue workers saved a dog trapped under the rubble in Türkiye's Iskenderun after deadly earthquakes hit Türkiye and Syria this week.

Eyewitness video showed rescuers digging and clearing the debris to release the scared dog.

The small dog named Pamuk was looked after by its owner's neighbors, according to an eyewitness. The owner was in hospital in the city of Mersin approximately 200km west of Iskenderun, the eyewitness said.


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The death toll in Türkiye from this week's powerful earthquakes has risen to 14,014, with more than 63,000 injured, President Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on Thursday during a visit to the quake-hit province of Gaziantep.

He said more than 6,400 buildings had been destroyed and that Türkiye aimed to build new three and four-storey buildings in the region within one year.

The number of people killed by the quake, which struck in the dead of night and was followed by powerful aftershocks, is on course to be higher than in 1999 when a similarly powerful tremor killed 17,000 people in the country's more densely populated northwest.

Source(s): Reuters

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