Britain has a new Prime Minister and domestic issues like the energy and cost of living crises are top of their Agenda but Liz Truss, former Foreign Minister is also aware that she is taking the helm at a time when global geopolitics is in turmoil.

The Agenda this week digs deep into the questions surrounding her foreign policy - how will she approach relations with the EU in a post-Brexit Britain? Will her stance on Russia and Ukraine change? Will Truss depend more on the United States or less? How truly independent will the UK now be on questions of foreign policy? And, especially, how will she approach UK-China relations?

Joining Juliet Mann to consider these, and many other questions are Professor Amelia Hadfield, Dean International and Head of the Politics Department at the University of Surrey, and Dr Zhiguang Yin, Professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University in Shanghai.

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