With the cost of oil pushing petrol and diesel pieces to record highs, more people than ever are thinking about using a plug-in. But even electric dreams are being tainted due to soaring electricity costs, delivery delays and incompatible infrastructure, leading some people to cling on to their combustion engine for longer.

So just what are people hoping to get when they splash out on their next four-wheeled friend? The Agenda's Juliet Mann heads to The British Motor Show to find out what's driving change in the sector.

Steve Nash, Chief Executive of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and former Director of BMW UK, gives us an overview of the challenges that lie ahead, including a severe shortage of skills to accommodate growing trends such as automation and electrification.

David Richardson, CEO of Coryton, discusses the use of biofuels and how they could play a vital role in accelerating the global transition towards electric cars.

Louise Wallis, Head of Business Management at the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) talks forecourt figures and how the continued supply chain delays and chip shortages are still slowing down sales.

Olly Jones, Co-Founder of Elmo, introduces us to the Netflix of mobility - electric car monthly subscriptions - and explains the concept's popularity in Germany, along with why he believes the business model is the future for flexibility, particularly with 'generation rent' in mind.

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