UK blames wrong side for threatening Taiwan Strait security : China's UK ambassador

China's ambassador in London held a meeting with a senior official from the UK's foreign ministry in which he criticised Britain's comments regarding the issue of Taiwan.

As an integral part of China, Beijing says all matters relating to Taiwan constitute its internal affairs. It has urged third parties not to involve themselves in its politics.

Therefore when U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored warnings to visit Taipei, China responded with a series of measures including military drills which it said were necessary to prevent the visit from emboldening the independence movement on the island.

The UK foreign ministry said it called the meeting with ambassador Zheng Zeguang to discuss what it described as "aggressive behavior and rhetoric from Beijing." 

In a statement published on his embassy's website, Zheng dismissed such language, saying that China's actions were both "legitimate and necessary."

He said that the U.S., together with "Taiwan independence secessionist forces" were responsible for creating the tensions and threatening the security situation on the Taiwan Strait. 

"They initiated the provocation, and the Chinese side countered it later. Instead of condemning the perpetrators, the British side blames the Chinese, which is extremely absurd and shameless!" the statement said.



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