UK politicians 'ignorant' to present China as a threat, ambassador says

China's ambassador to London has criticized UK politicians who suggest China represents a threat and want to put brakes on the relationship between the two countries.

Zheng Zeguang did not specifically mention the leadership campaign underway within the Conservative Party which will decide the next UK prime minister. However, both candidates have promised to target Beijing with a range of measures and seek to create alliances in the Asia-Pacific region should they gain power.

"With regard to some UK politicians who have been peddling the fallacy of the so-called 'China threat' and agitating for restrictions on UK's connections with China, these moves only reveal an ignorance about China's history and reality, and an attempt to cover up their own incompetence by shifting the blame to China," said Zheng who was speaking ahead of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army on Monday.

Zheng said that cooperation would provide mutual benefits and that respect was essential for improving bilateral relations.

He also reiterated China's stance on Taiwan, endorsed by the UK under the One China position.

"There is but one China in the world. Taiwan is an inseparable part of the Chinese territory, and the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole lawful government representing China," he said. Former UK finance minister Rishi Sunak has accused Beijing of bullying tactics in the region. His rival as prime minister, Liz Truss, has previously called for the UK and its allies to boost defenses on the island.


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