Future of flight: The Agenda full episode
The Agenda

The world is on the move again, or at least it is trying to be.

Post-pandemic demand for travel has led to a surge in flight bookings this year. 

Greece, for instance, has seen an 884 percent increase in flight arrivals compared to the same time in 2021, while Bulgaria is expecting six million tourists this summer.

But after mass redundancies during lockdowns across aviation and the hospitality sectors, the industry is struggling to accommodate the increasing numbers. 

Many airlines are canceling or significantly reducing their services.

So, in this episode of The Agenda, Juliet Mann finds out why Europe's airports are cutting flights and keeping thousands waiting for hours to catch the flights that are leaving the ground.

She speaks to Gordon Dewar, CEO of Scotland's busiest airport - Edinburgh.

Juliet  is also joined by Virginia Messina, Senior Vice President of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), who explains why the nature of some jobs in travel may need to be changed to accommodate new consumer expectations.

And Topi Manner, CEO of Finnair discusses the importance of scaling up sustainable fuels to protect the future of commercial flights.

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