China's ambassador hails cooperation during visit to Scottish tech champions
Zhang Nini in Edinburgh

China's ambassador to the UK, Zheng Zeguang has urged deeper cooperation between the two countries as he saw how joint technology projects can benefit business and society.

On an official visit to Scotland, Zheng was shown around Bayes Lab, one of Europe's largest centres of research into Artificial intelligence or AI.

There, robotics are being employed to solve challenges across sectors including healthcare, industry and space exploration.

The lab has an ongoing joint program with Chinese tech giant Huawei to test the use of AI robotic systems with mobile phone networks.

“We already had a very good collaboration with China, Fudan, CUHK, Shenzhen, a lot of top class universities. It's great to see collaboration is going very well," Sethu Vijayakumar, professor at the School of Informatics at Edinburgh University told CGTN.

Zheng also visited a bus factory where China's electric vehicle maker BYD has a long-term project working with Alexander Dennis to create iconic British buses powered by clean energy.

Speaking at a lunch reception, Ambassador Zheng said China-Scotland cooperation remains a pillar of bilateral ties, and the two must work together to face significant challenges.

Zheng said collaboration at all levels could address some of the biggest difficulties currently facing the world.

"The world at the moment is full of challenges, the Pandemic is not over, Ukraine conflict, developing countries are faced with difficulties. It's a time for cooperation, and above all calling for peace, I want to assure you, we stand for peace, and we stand for cooperation, and strongly oppose decoupling, confrontation is not the key to the challenges, working together is the path forward," he told a lunch reception hosted by the UK National Committee on China, an organization dedicating to promoting dialogue.

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