Developing countries use metaverse to bring local culture to global audience
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The metaverse may be a global entity, but many countries are looking to stamp their national culture very firmly on the new virtual world. And according to the World Economic Forum, interest is highest in developing economies.

Here, Takayuki Suzuki, CEO of MetaTokyo explains why that is.


Takayuki Suzuki is an entertainment/media industry veteran and consultant for many entertainment and tech companies. Now CEO Of MetaTokyo, he's a former Head of Mobile at MTV Japan, the Head of Business Development at Viacom International Japan and Head of Digital Sales/Digital Business Development for Universal Music Japan.


According to Takayuki Suzuki, there's an obvious reason for higher interest in the metaverse in developing economies. "I think I that the people in those developing countries see the metaverse as a place connected beyond distance and borders. They also see economic opportunities in a gamified and creative economy through the metaverse, throughout the world."

He thinks that is going to drive adoption of the metaverse across the globe. "I believe it will be huge and it will change our lives because I think we are already living in the digital world. Younger people already spend a long time in these CGI gaming worlds. And as the metaverse becomes more accessible and we create the economy to motivate and incentivize all those people to join, mass adoption will happen."


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