Youth centenary; reusable rocket; Antarctic telescope: China Quick Take

Centenary of Communist Youth League

At a ceremony to mark the event at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, President Xi Jinping hailed the role of young people in the past and in China's future.

The Communist Youth League of China's founding on May 5, 1922 under the direct leadership of the CPC marked a milestone in the history of the Chinese revolution and the youth movement, he said.

Reusable rocket mission

Deep Blue Aerospace, a private Chinese company, sent a reusable rocket 1km into the sky before successfully returning it within a meter of its launch spot. The mission was the third launch of the vertical takeoff and vertical landing craft called Nebula-M1. Only one other commercial company has managed such a feat with a reusable rocket - Elon Musk's SpaceX.

Employment targeted

China will use monetary and fiscal policy to boost jobs following the impact of the pandemic, premier Li Keqiang announced after the State Council's Executive Meeting.

"We must attach high importance to the work of stabilizing employment," he added, calling on local governments to step up to their responsibilities of supporting market entities and stabilizing jobs.

Measures to ease the debt burden on students were also announced.

Antarctic telescope

A Chinese telescope array has begun scanning the skies from Antarctica. The facility, consisting of four optical telescopes and a near-infrared one, was been installed at China's Zhongshan Station during the country's 38th Antarctic scientific expedition.

The continent is an ideal base for astrology owing to an absence of light pollution and its atmospheric conditions. 

The telescope will seek Earth-like planets /Chinese Academy of Sciences

The telescope will seek Earth-like planets /Chinese Academy of Sciences

Bioeconomy boom

In its first five year plan for the bioeconomy, China set out a strategy to create $3.28 trillion of value thanks to a focus on epidemic prevention and green innovation. 

The bioeconomy, according to the plan released by China's top economic planner the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), includes a wide range of resources developed with biotechnology such as smart wearable products for remote diagnosis, and also covers industries such as agriculture, medicine and energy.

Submarine returns home

A manned submarine capable of monitoring conditions on the sea bed has returned to port. The Deep Sea Warrior was carried onboard the Exploration 2 research vessel on a mission under the South China Sea. The craft had been measuring conditions in the area around undersea cold springs.

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