Nuclear disarmament heading in the 'opposite direction,' says IAEA

China has renewed calls for Russia and the U.S. to cut its number of nuclear weapons, and respect the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, while at the European Parliament an Irish MEP brought the issue to the forefront. 

Mick Wallace, of the Independents 4 Change party, asked the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency if the calls were being answered, but Rafael Grossi said the opposite was happening. 

"China has between 300-350 warheads, whereas the U.S has over 5,000 and the Russians have over 6,000. Is there any potential for progress in this area?" Wallace asked. 

"Given the tensions that unfortunately are prevailing again in the international scene, we do not seem to be moving towards nuclear disarmament. Unfortunately it is in the opposite direction," Grossi responded. 

Video editor: Butchy Davey

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