China focused on 'easing tensions' in Ukraine, embassy says

China will work to ease tensions and avoid adding fuel to the fire of the conflict in Ukraine, a spokesman for the country's London embassy said.

Responding to calls by UK foreign office minister James Cleverley to condemn Russia, the spokesman said that Beijing's priority was to find a solution to the current bloodshed.

"It is imperative to ease tensions as much as possible, rather than adding fuel to the fire," the statement said. "China supports all constructive international efforts conducive to a political solution and will continue to play a constructive role in pursuing peace."

China abstained from a UN security council vote calling on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and has consistently indicated that while it recognizes and respects Ukraine's sovereignty it also understands the security concerns that prompted Moscow to act.

China is "deeply worried and saddened," by the situation, the spokesman added.

China's Red Cross has sent three shipments of humanitarian aid, including food and blankets, to Ukraine.

In response to suggestions attributed to unnamed U.S. sources that China was prepared to offer military support to Russia, the spokesman said that Washington was not credible as it had repeatedly spread "fake news" about China.


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