Exclusive: Ukraine-Russia second-round talks may take place tomorrow in Brest, Belarus
Updated 22:28, 16-Mar-2022

The second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia may take place tomorrow in the Brest region on Poland's border with Belarus, CGTN has learned.

Yuri Voskresensky, a Belarusian political scientist who is close to the organizers of the talks, said one of the venues under consideration was the Visculli villa, 8 km from the border.

Ukraine will expand its delegation with two additional MPs, Voskresensky told CGTN's sister channel CCTV.

The first round of negotiations lasted around six hours on Monday, with the Russian delegation saying common ground had been reached in some areas.

Going into the talks, Ukraine insisted it would not surrender an inch of territory while Russia demanded guarantees for its future security.

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